Monday, December 29, 2008


ipod ear buds hurt my ears. Ouch!

I haven't hit 40 yet and I already have lines of wrinkles on my forehead. I don't like it. At all. There are three lines there. Can I call them laugh lines even though they're way up there? Wonder how much Botox costs? Stupid wrinkles...

I moved a couple of things around in my bedroom today (with the kids help) and took a piece of furniture out of there. It didn't really make any additional space in there but I like it better.

My iphone rocks! I absolutely love it. Mainly I just play Bejeweled on it but it sure is loads of fun. I had to call State Farm and put it on the insurance policy that I have for my cameras and laptop. I didn't realize it, and the gentleman who sold me the phone didn't tell me, but you can't purchase insurance from AT&T like you do for any other phone. At least I'll know that it's covered if I lose it or break it. I've always had pretty good luck with my cell phones so I hope I'm as careful with the iphone as I have been with the old phones I've had.

Just thought I'd share that with you, and I'm sure you are glad that I did. (o=

Brooke is spending the week in Atlanta and we already miss her around here. Cain is so upset that he'll have to sleep in her bed and not on the couch while she's gone. ;) Of course, he may be more comfortable on the couch. Her bed is just a double and his feet hang way off of it.

Ooook, well, have a good night.

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dawnia said...

A lady that Mtn Donna works with brought her son to work the other day. He is 6. He looked at Donna's face (she has tons of lines) and asked what was wrong with her face. Not knowing what he meant, he pointed out the lines. She told him she was just getting old and they were wrinkles. The kid was confused. "You can't be old" he said "You have toys on your desk."

Her desk is covered with weird little gadgets and toys collected over the years. I love it.

Funny, yes?

We will never be old sunshine... we have too many toys. Actually, I'm serious about Lego and Mr. Potato Head New Years. I think it sounds like great fun.

Your word verification today is pumbling. That is a fun word, we should make up a meaning.