Saturday, August 01, 2009

Family Time

This morning Marshall and I got up and went up to Pigeon Mountain. We were searching for Cain and his buddies but they had already left their campsite.

We drove on around through the wildlife managed area and I found a few butterflies to take pictures of, like this variegated fritillary:

We drove on off of Sulphur Springs Gap, which gives you this amazing view of Fox Mountain, and I-59 (there was even a train going by, see it?):

We then drove down into that valley, across those railroad tracks and then on into Rising Fawn. We grabbed us a drink and a snack at a little grocery store and then headed back up Johnson's Crook to my Dad's house.

I took lots of pictures of hummingbirds, butterflies, flowers, and even got to see a fox and a whistle pig (that's a groundhog to all you non-southerners).

Cain and my Dad went fishing so Marshall and I sat on the deck for a while and watched the hummingbirds. That's where we were sitting when the fox came out of the woods and took a rest in the yard, then later I spotted the groundhog under one of the fir trees.

We left there and visited with my grandfather, and I haven't seen him in several months. He looked good (to be 92) and I sure was happy to see him. While we were there, my aunt and uncle, and their grandchildren came over to visit us, too.

We left when a really bad storm started blowing up. The lightning sent us all scrambling to our cars (and my aunt and uncle and cousins back to their house). We waited for Cain (who took my Dad back home) at the top of the mountain and the rain came pouring down. We had rain all the way home.

It's still storming out there and it sounds wonderful. I think it's supposed to rain all night, too.


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Val Ewing said...

We are in the middle of a bad storm blowing up right now...

Whistle pig...I like that...alot!