Thursday, August 13, 2009


This was honey and Lucy last year in Kimball, Tennessee. It was his birthday and we were headed up to his parents house for a small family reunion. We had a good day.

Today I cleaned house while waiting on the UPS man to bring Marshall some parts that were replacements for some that he ordered the other day. I also packed for our upcoming camping trip. :)

When hubby got home he surprised me with a cap and a shirt from Life Is Good:

How sweet is he?! I love anything from Life Is Good. :) And yes, I know he spoils me rotten. My grandmother tried to warn him before he married me that she had spoiled me and he'd probably be taking over that role. Thank goodness he didn't listen. :) And now Brooke constantly tells him that he spoils me and he doesn't listen to her either. Yay! ;)

I'm still very sore and very tired. I didn't go to my Pump class this morning (because I waited on UPS AND because I was sore) and I hate missing. :( When Brooke got off work this evening she and I went walking in the park so I did get some exercise in. :o)

Have a great weekend!

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