Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Didn't Go So Well

Today was River's second obedience class and we bought her a new collar (called a "pinch" collar) that we thought might help in her training. I don't know if that's what upset her so, but we had to change collars before class even started.

I was asking one of the two trainers to please check the pinch collar to make sure that it was the correct fit. River growled at her and wouldn't let her near us. Then our trainer came in and walked up to River, hand extended, and offered her a cheese ball. River still growled but accepted the cheese ball and then the trainer tried to pet her and River snapped her hand. :(

The trainer said that it was ok, because I was freaking out, that River was stressed, afraid (she could tell by River's body language) and we have to remember what a stressful situation River came from.

When class actually started River did fantastic. There were a few glitches but she did her commands fairly well. I was very proud of her. I was still horrified that she snapped the trainer, but the trainer told me after class that I was doing a fantastic job with the training and that I just need to hang in there. And I'm going to do that. I want River to be a good doggy.

Brooke and I went before the obedience class and picked my mom up. She's spending the night with us tonight and then tomorrow we are going dress shopping to hopefully find dresses to wear for Brooke's wedding. I HATE shopping, but I'm actually looking forward to this. :)

Good night.

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Val Ewing said...

River is trying so desperately to trust other people, I'll bet she just is sure about you and not others.

I am such a believer in obedience training! Good for you!

I have my dogs and my mules go through my old obedience class so they behave while out and about with me!