Sunday, December 02, 2012

Too Warm

You'll have to excuse this horrible photo, but I had to share it anyway.

Today I bought new beds for Lucy and Schroeder. Schroe couldn't decide which one he wanted so he sat on both of them, which you can see in this photo.

He finally decided on the green one - or so we thought. What he did was put his toys in the green one and then slept in the blue one.

Lucy slept in bed with us, so that worked out really well.


Titan is doing well today. He's sleeping a lot, which the vet told us to expect.  I hope that medicine helps him out a lot. Bless his heart. :(

It's too warm outside and I don't like it.  It's DECEMBER, for cryin' out loud, and the temps are up in the low 70's.  It's just not right, I tell you. ;)

We watched "Lawless" tonight. It was fantastic.  If you haven't watched, give it a go.

Love, peace, & chicken grease.

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